Scroll down to view mock-ups of all the cards in The Voice of the Trees deck.

These images are mocked up with my own borders I created, when the deck was released in September 2011 they had lovely new borders and fancy text designed by Llewellyns wonderful art department.

I spent a lot of time researching history books, Celtic legend and lore, and the trees themselves in order to portray the meanings behind every card.  There are several versions of the Ogham in both ancient and modern texts that differ slightly, none are right or wrong.  For the purpose of this deck, I chose the ones that rang true to me and worked together the create a cohesive and workable deck.  I've arranged them here into their five tribes, some people choose to leave the last five out.

An Oracle Deck Written and Illustrated by Mickie Mueller
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All the images on these cards and this website are protected by copyright, it is illegal to use any of these images without permission.
This is the back design of the cards, based upon Fionns Window from The Book of Ballymote and seasonal Celtic trees.
This is the cover art for the decks companion book.This is the cover of the packaging, watch for it in bookstores coming Sept. 2011
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