A Celtic Divination Oracle
 Written and Illustrated by Mickie Mueller
Because this is a cyclical calendar that turns along with the Wheel of the Year, there is no beginning and no end.  I've broken this class down so that no matter what month you begin with, you will build tree wisdom and magical tree techniques while you cycle through the Celtic Tree Months.

Beth (beeth)  / Birch Month Dec 24-Jan 20
Luis(lweesh)  / Rowan Month Jan 21-Feb.17
Nuin (nee-uhn) /Ash Month Feb 18-March 17
Fearn(fair-n)  / Alder Month March 18- April 14
Saille(shail-uh)  / Willow Month  April 15-May 12
Huath(hoo-ah)  / Hawthorn Month  May 13-June 9
Duir doo-er) /Oak Month  June 10-July 7
Tinne(chin-yuh)  / Holly  Month  July 8-Aug 4
Coll (cull) / Hazel Month  Aug 5-Sept.1
Muin(muhn)  / Vine Month  Sept 2-Sept. 29
Gort / Ivy Month Sept 30- Oct. 27
Ngtal (nyeh-dl / Broom/ Reed Month Oct. 28- Nov. 24
Ruis(roo-ish)  / Elder Month  Nov.25- Dec.22

Q. So what will I get with this class?

A.  Below is a picture of printed files of just one of the 13 classes!  We'll send to you by email several PDF's each tree month, 13 in the year.  With each class you'll get four beautiful full color pages, and loads of illustrated black and white pages full of tree wisdom and ways to work magically with the Celtic tree of the month including several tree spells and a full tree ritual that can be performed at any time of that tree month or during the full moon, the class shown below is 23 pages long, most classes will be about the same length.  You'll also get a color page of extras such as candle labels, meditation pieces, talisman componants and more.  Once you complete the full cycle of the tree year, you'll have over 200 pages of tree wisdom, and over 60 spells and rituals, you'll also recieve a beautiful certificate to put in your book of shadows or frame and hang on your wall.  You have to order each class separately, so if at any time you don't want to continue, you don't have to cancel, you can just choose not to order the next class.  But we know you'll love what you recieve every month and look forward to the next!
By popular demand, it's here! 

Mickie's Celtic Tree Calendar Series is being offered as an online class!  I'm currently teaching this class live at Pathways in St. Louis, now you have the opportunity to join us by taking the online version of this class.

Working with the Celtic tree calendar is a very peaceful and magical way to align with natural energies of the earth and specifically trees.  My approach to the Celtic Tree Calendar as a working model for a year of magic is based upon the tree calendar as it was first suggested by Robert Graves as a modern inspiration based upon the ancient trees. 

While the idea of the Celtic Tree Calendar cannot be claimed as historical, the Celtic Trees are, and this system has much spiritual relevance for many people working within modern magical practices. Tree magic can help you find balance in your life and you will also find that working magically with trees is like working with herbs but on a different level.  These great sentinels of the earth are great magical allies to have and as you progress through this class, you’ll find that trees have magical messages that come from both general tree teachings that are the lessons that all trees have to share, but also the specific lessons of each species of tree as well. You’ll learn about the 13 trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar, the lessons they have to teach you about each tree and through this class you’ll also learn a bit about yourself.  You’ll find the Celtic Tree Calendar a great basis for full moon rituals, since it’s a lunar calendar.  Through this class I will teach you ways to connect to the Celtic Trees and to your own personal World Tree to gain insight, wisdom, healing, balance, and a positive outlook on your life and the world around you.
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